New dealer tracking system set for classic models

Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System protects your assets.

Porsche Classic has unveiled an innovative vehicle tracking system specifically to protect its classic cars from the threat of thieves. Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System can be fitted at an official Porsche Dealer and features a hidden sensor package which communicates with a European-wide security network. The system is available for all cars under the Porsche Classic scheme, catering for 911s from 1964 right up to the 996.

Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System protects your assets

Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System protects your assets

Alexander Fabig, head of Porsche Classic, says the system is intended to stop the company’s increasingly valuable classic cars from disappearing, “The new tracking system will allow us to offer our customers anti-theft functionality that will trigger an alarm for tracking the vehicle if someone tries to steal it.” The system’s hardware is neatly concealed in each vehicle and features its own battery, making the system autonomous from the car’s own electrical system. If the alarm is triggered, a notification is sent to the owner via an app and, should the owner give confirmation the car’s movement is unauthorised, its movement is tracked via GPS, the details of which are sent to the international security centre. Porsche says installation of the system takes between one and four hours and costs €1,000 plus a €20 service charge each month. A shift lever lock is also available for the 996 and 997-generation modern classics courtesy of Porsche’s partnership with Bear-Lock. The shift lock blocks the gear shift from reverse in a manual car and in park for a Tiptronic car. The shift lock requires a lock to be fitted to the centre console of the vehicle and costs €250.

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