New Bentley Mulliner division plots sports tourer

The Rolls-Royce Sweptail, a one-off custom model costing a reported £10 million – the most expensive car yet commissioned – is enough reason for any high-end maker to get into the game.


In the same way that it suits Rolls-Royce’s clientele, Bentley customers are obvious targets for bespoke models costing upwards of £1m. But Bentley has had a tough few years and has prudently focused on its main product line-up. As CEO Adrian Hallmark told us earlier this year: “Last year was not a great year for Bentley. We’d invested a huge amount of money in the previous five years and then launched the products from that investment.

We’ve had to restructure and rethink the way we do things.” The fruits of that labour are starting to pay off, with the firm delivering a £65m profit in the first three quarters of 2019.

Now in a stronger position and celebrating its centenary, it seems the perfect time for Bentley to revisit its rich history of coachbuilding with Mulliner and develop lucrative side projects that will elevate the brand to another level.


 New Bentley Mulliner division plots sports tourer

New Bentley Mulliner division plots sports tourer


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