New Bedfordshire-based Porsche-only storage facility opens

Keep your Porsche safe, secure and regularly exercised

A new car storage facility service created specifically and exclusively for Porsches and with capacity for over 30 cars has opened in Bedfordshire. Export 56’s new Porsche storage facility is located near Cranfield on the Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire border and is said to be secure, fully insured and dehumidified. Export 56 says it’s ideal for London-based Porsche owners and complements its existing restoration, service centre and race preparation services.

 New Bedfordshire-based Porsche-only storage facility opens

New Bedfordshire-based Porsche-only storage facility opens

Overseen by Export 56’s technicians and storage professionals, the service starts with a weekly visual check without removing the car cover unless necessary and including all four tyres and the battery conditioner. Every 30 days, the cover is removed, battery conditioner disconnected and the engine run up to full temperature either on or off road. Export 56 recommends the car is run on their local 15 mile loop, weather permitting.

At minimum, the 30 day check involves brake and clutch operation checks, gear engagement, electric motors and switches checked, fluid level check and rotation of tyres. Any notable changes in condition are fed back to the owner in a report via email.

In terms of access, Export 56 says it requests 72 hours notice from clients before collection and that the cars are picked up and dropped off during office hours. Exceptions will be made where possible. All cars must be clean and dry before the car’s cover can be applied, so those returned in need of cleaning before storage will receive a maintenance wash at a cost of £50 plus VAT.

Export 56 says it welcomes the use of clients’ own suitable car covers and battery conditioners, so long as the latter meets its insurance company criteria (UK PAT tested in the last 3 months). CTEK battery conditioner and soft stretchy car covers can also be bought or hired. Air chamber rental is also offered. The facility is protected with CCTV and all keys are kept off site. For more information, head for

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