New 2021 Ford Bronco breaks cover

Ford’s hot new SUV which resuscitates the much-loved and much-missed nameplate, 2021 Bronco, has been seen out and about as Ford released teaser images of the 4×4. Ford has promised that the Bronco won’t be some sort of soft-roading car-based, ‘me too’ SUV like so many on the market today, but will be a proper ranger-based 4×4, with solid front and rear axles and body-on-frame construction.


There are suggestions it will be available with a removable roll cage and could use an aluminium body, as the panels come from the same stamping plant as the F-150.

Pundits suggest that it may be powered by Ford’s 2.3-litre, four-cylinder EcoBoost motor, that it should be good for 270bhp and 310ft-lb of torque and will be built at Ford’s Michigan plant.


New 2021 Ford Bronco breaks cover

New 2021 Ford Bronco breaks cover

Out on the road, in disguise. Four-door Bronco. Two-door Bronco.

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