New 2019 Formula E calendar

New formula E calendar. Formula E and the FIA have revealed the calendar for the 2018/2019 ABB FIA Formula E Championship, as well as details on the new race format, split power modes and next generation car in season five.

The FIA also released more details on changes to the race format taking into account the increased power and energy storage capacity of the Gen2 car for the coming season, which can complete a full race distance without the need to make a mid-race car swap.

New formula E calendar

New formula E calendar

Race distances will no longer be measured using a pre-defined number of laps, but will instead run to a strict time limit of 45-minutes plus one lap to reach the chequered flag. The prize for fastest lap will also be replaced, with points being awarded to the most efficient driver classified in the top-five positions – rewarding the driver who has used the least amount of energy.

Drivers will be able to access 225kW of power in a higher mode – as opposed to the standard 200kW available during the race – once they’ve passed through a single activation zone. The activation zone will be clearly visible and marked out on the circuit for fans trackside and those watching on TV. The two power modes on each car will be indicated using different colours on the innovative LED system on the halo head protection device.

Drivers will also be able to activate FanBoost only when the cars are running on a higher power mode, taking the maximum power available to 250kW.

Other alterations include changes to the number of cars making it through to the super pole shootout, in order to accommodate the larger grid of 22 cars. The new qualifying format now sees the top-six fastest drivers after the group stages battle it out to secure Julius Baer pole position.

01: Ad Diriyah 15-12-18

02: Marrakesh 12-01-19

03: TBA, 26-01-19

04: Mexico City 16-02-19

05: Hong Kong 10-03-19

06: TBA, China 23-03-19

07: Rome 13-04-19

08: Paris 27-04-19

09: Monaco 11-05-19

10: Berlin 25-05-19

11: Zurich 09-06-19

12 & 13: New York 13 & 14-07-19


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