Mini stolen in broad daylight

Classic car thefts are, unfortunately, still very commonplace. That said, it takes a particularly brazen criminal to steal a car from a Greater London driveway in broad daylight. But that’s exactly what happened to Noah Robinson’s beautiful supercharged 1994 Mini 35, registered M514 VWC, on Wednesday July 25.

Former Mini Spares employee Noah was just 16 when he bought the car, named Mia, in October 2012. Since then it’s been featured in Mini Magazine twice and been fully rebuilt and resprayed in its original and very distinctive Nevada Red. Re-assembled in the Mini Spares showroom, it was treated to various goodies including 10-inch Rose Petal wheels, Corbeau Clubsport bucket seats, a centre dash binnacle with 130mph Cooper S speedo and a rare Moto-Lita steering wheel. The exterior was given a retro look with no arch extensions and subtle additions of chrome, while under the bonnet a 1293cc engine was upgraded with a Vmaxscart supercharger conversion.

Supercharged 1994 Mini 35 UK-registered M514 VWC

Supercharged 1994 Mini 35 UK-registered M514 VWC

The car was last driven on the Sunday before being stolen from Noah’s driveway in Woodford Green at around 4pm the following Wednesday. And having owned the car for six years and spent a considerable sum restoring and customising it, he is understandably upset. “Obviously I’m gutted – I can’t afford to build another Mini,” said Noah. “I’ve been checking daily for any sign of my wheels, supercharger and steering wheel being sold online. I think the car is too well-known to move, so if it is still in the UK, it will probably turn up torched.”

This theft also serves as a warning to fellow enthusiasts. Noah’s car was properly secured, but in the hotter weather, the temptation to leave the windows open on classics without air conditioning could have dire consequences.

A post made by Noah on Facebook has already been shared over 1600 times, with countless further post from friends and fellow enthusiasts in attempt to locate the car. Here’s hoping this cherished Mini can be found – contact [email protected] if you have any information.

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