Milltek Sport Audi RS6 C7 exhaust systems

It’s fair to say the beloved supercar-slaying RS6 has done much to change the performance landscape over the last few years. Its combination of style, space and serious pace has won the hearts of many owners and bystanders. Immense levels of performance are paired with classic, sure-footed quattro handling, all wrapped up in a typically refined and understated body. And, those fortunate enough to own a RS6 C7 will no doubt be excited to learn that the model is now well catered for by the gods of performance exhaust systems, Milltek Sport.


Milltek’s exhaust offering for the C7 generation can be specified in the firm’s customary, open-ended manner, giving buyers the freedom to design the system best suited to their requirements. It begins with a choice of core systems, either a large-bore downpipe and de-cat (a product intended for the race/ track market), or a large bore cast downpipe and high-flow sports cat.

Choose from either a full system or just cat back, resonated, non-resonated, EC approved, or not – plus a plethora of helpful options like the Valvesonic rear silencer that allows your choice of system to integrate seamlessly with all switchable drive modes on your RS6. There are literally dozens of combinations, dependent only on the sound and legality requirements of the owner. A choice of oval twin tail pipe options; Cerakote black or polished finishes, finishes the system to perfection. In all cases, system diameters are 2.75-inch (69.85mm) for optimum flow.

Obviously, the Audi RS6 is a beautifully engineered car, one that demands that any aftermarket product bolted to it be at least as well engineered as the OE equivalent, and the Milltek Sport cat-back exhaust more than delivers in this respect. Not only is it made from aerospace grade, non-magnetic stainless steel, the Milltek system has been proven to offer subtle increases in both power and torque, plus a soundtrack that really does need to be witnessed and heard to be fully appreciated!

Priced from £2118

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