Maserati to pioneer EVS for Fiat Chyrsler Automobiles

Maserati to pioneer EVS for FCA The Trident brand will spearhead FCA’s (Fiat Chyrsler Automobiles) electrification plans with the first car being a ‘halo’ product based on the 2014 Alfieri concept. Joining the Alfieri (coupé and cabriolet) will be full-electric versions of the Quattroporte and Levante.

Maserati EV
Maserati EV

The EVs will use 3-motors, all-wheel drive setups and be complemented by eight PHEV models by 2022. Outright performance appears to be the name of the game, with ~2 seconds 0-62mph acceleration targeted, as well as a 186mph (300km/h) top speed. “Long range” and 800V is mentioned too, indicating 350kW charge rate compatibility; about 7x faster than today’s 50kW rapids.

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