Make sure you drive safely in fog this winter

Road safety and breakdown organisation, GEM Motoring Assist, is encouraging motorists to ensure they – and their vehicles – are ready for the potential challenges of driving in winter.

Road safety officer within GEM, Neil Worth, makes the following points relating to driving in fog:

  • Always drop your speed
  • Use dipped headlights and fog lights
  • Remember to switch off fog lights when visibility improves
  • Don’t use the rear lights of the car in front as your guide; you may end up following too close, leaving yourself insufficient reaction time
  • Don’t follow the white lines in the centre of the road as a guide in thick fog
  • If you need a visual guide, follow the edge of the road Check out GEM’s advice on winter driving techniques on its website at:, where you’ll find a video, leaflet, tips and a free eBook to download.

 Make sure you drive safely in fog this winter

Make sure you take extra care when driving in fog this winter.

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