Lister SUV-E concept, based on the Jaguar I-PACE

Jaguar’s all-electric SUV has gained some extra attitude, thanks to Lister. The famed Jaguar modifier has released details on its take on an electric car, the SUV-E concept, based on the I-PACE.


There are obvious flashes of classic Lister green and yellow on the exterior, as well as new Lister titanium wheels. The front and rear bumpers, splitter, rear diffuser, bonnet and spoiler are all made of carbon. Thanks to these carbon parts, the car’s weight is reduced by 100kg to 2,033kg.

2021 Lister SUV-E-concept

2021 Lister SUV-E-concept

Inside, customers can choose from 60 different colours of Nappa leather. Lister’s upgrades are more than skin-deep, with carbon-ceramic brakes and fully-adjustable lowered suspension also specified.

Updated software offers increased horsepower and torque and, although exact numbers haven’t been released, Lister estimates the SUV-E will crack 60mph in four seconds.

Lister’s website says, “Whilst at Lister petrol runs through our veins instead of blood, we cannot ignore the interest in electric vehicles. We are, therefore, introducing the SUV-E concept based on the Jaguar I-PACE as an opportunity for those interested in electric power to own a truly unique and bespoke electric vehicle. All Lister SUV-Es will be built to customers’ individual specifications.” Lister expects the SUV-E production car to cost around £125,000. Exactly how many will be produced is yet to be determined as the company gauges interest in the car, but it will be in very limited numbers.

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