Landspeed Chevrolet Corvette C7 Z06 in the works

Stu Goldsworthy is the kind of man who if he says he is going to do something, it’s going to happen in one form or another. So when he said that he, and his ‘C0KANE’ R35 GT-R, were going to break records back in NZ Performance Car, he wasn’t wrong — running a 202mph on his supercharged Kawasaki at Goudies Road, while his Nissan GT-R hit 222mph, albeit under new ownership, both setting records on the same weekend in April.

As Stu explains, “I was originally going to run in my GT-R, but, in the back of my mind, I wanted to run in a big block supercharged V8 Chev. But, after some research, we decided a twin-turbo small block was a better way to go — so here we are.”

The goalposts have shifted significantly, now aiming to hit 500kph (311mph) with a Corvette C7 Z06 selected as the base car, chosen for its sleek, aerodynamic profile. Dubbed the RCS Salt Car, it’s powered by a dry-sumped 400ci LS based around a GM LSX steel block crammed with a serious rotating assembly. The top end is no less serious either, with the added bonus of being fed by a huge pair of Precision turbos. Running on C16, the mill should be good for a safe 2000hp backed by a paddle-shifted Holinger six-speed sequential box.

The build itself is being handled by Kerry Holland of Top Gear Autotech, who has opted to position the twins within the front bumper with custom four-into-one-into-two turbo manifolds due to space constraints. And to aid in high-speed stability, the decision was made to fill the rails and stock fuel tank with lead shot for added balance.

While looking to be on the home stretch, Kerry admits that it will be a thrash to have the thing finished by November for Stu’s goal of giving the RCS Salt Car a shakedown at the New Zealand Land Speed Association’s Goudies Road run in December, with the car then being shipped over to the USA for Bonneville Speed Week.

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