Lagonda poised with SUV

Electric luxury SUV will be revealed next month as a preview to a 2021 production car.

Aston Martin is to preview the second model in its reborn Lagonda range with the All-Terrain Concept at the upcoming Geneva motor show. The SUV, which will rival the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, follows the launch of the Lagonda Vision saloon concept in Geneva last year. The Vision relaunched Lagonda as a maker of high-tech luxury cars featuring all-electric power and arresting design that makes use of the packaging advantages of EVs.

Electric luxury SUV will be revealed next month as a preview to a 2021 production car

Lagonda poised with SUV

The SUV is understood to be closely related to the saloon in its footprint, architecture, interior, chassis and powertrain technology. It’s an example of the ‘carry over, carry across’ methodology of Aston boss Andy Palmer, under which models share as many components as possible to reduce development costs.

Although Aston didn’t confirm the precise technical details of the Vision, it’s understood each axle gets its own electric motor to enable four-wheel drive. A range of 400 miles was quoted by Aston, alongside a rapid wireless charge of the battery pack in just 15 minutes. The SUV will use this set-up, too.

Aston has released a darkened preview image of the front of the car (above, inset). It shows a clear visual link to the Vision and a stance and proportions that hint at a sleek body and dramatic profile, inspiring our artist’s impression (main image). The production version is set to beat the Lagonda saloon to market in 2021 and both models will be built alongside the DBX SUV at Aston’s new plant in St Athan, Wales.

The Lagonda SUV will be the sixth of the seven cars Aston has shown or previewed as the core models of its Second Century plan. The DB11, Vantage and DBS Superleggera are already on sale, the DBX will be revealed in production form later this year, and the preview of the new Lagonda SUV follows the Vision saloon.

That just leaves the Vanquish, a mid-engined supercar that will rival the likes of the McLaren 720S and Ferrari 488 GTB in 2020.

SUV is tipped to have a motor on each axle and a 400-mile range.

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