Kingstown Shipping & RH Insurance Car of the Year

Heat two of this year’s Kingstown Shipping & RH Insurance Car of the Year competition was won by a car that may look familiar to Classic American readers – this beautiful black 1962 Ford Thunderbird was featured in the Drive-My.

Owner Kevin Moss bought the car in March 2017 and has done a lot of work to it since, including an interior retrim and getting the electric top (including all the original solenoids) to work reliably – although as anyone knows, with these cars, which utilise much of the retractable technology pioneered on the ’56-’58 Skyliners – they can be a little temperamental. The car was originally ordered new by an American serviceman in Germany (hence the speedometer in kilometres, rather than miles) and is nicely optioned with leather interior, power-windows and -seats, push-button radio and tinted glass. Those Kelsey Hayes wheels were a $373 option, but were added later, as was the fibreglass tonneau.

2019 Car of they Year

Kevin Moss accepts the trophy from Kingstown’sMark Cowley

Power comes from Ford’s venerable 300bhp big block FE 390 motor, which is hooked up to a three-speed Cruise-O-Matic automatic transmission. This is American cruising at its finest!

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