Jaguar Classic to build electric E-Types

Following an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the original concept for ‘the most beautiful electric car in the world’, Jaguar Classic has confirmed it will offer all-electric E-Types for sale. Combining its restoration expertise with technology from the I-Pace, Jaguar Classic will offer tailor-made E-Types restored and converted to electric power at the same Classic Works facility as its outstanding E-Type Reborn restorations in Coventry, UK. An EV conversion service for existing E-Type owners will also be offered. To preserve the authenticity of the base vehicle, the EV conversion will be fully reversible – so those with clenched teeth can relax – just a little!

Jaguar Classic to build electric E-Types
Jaguar Classic to build electric E-Types

When our Australian Advertising Manager, Lance Quartermain, visited Jaguar Land Rover Classic recently he was shown around by long time friend, and senior executive at Jaguar Land Rover Classic, Tony O’Keeffe (right).

One little thrill he had for Lance was something found in the glovebox of a Series 1 E-Type which they stripped to restore. Who would have expected the back of the inside of the ‘box to have a small trapdoor in it – with a flap to hide a pistol!

You can see in Lance’s image that it had been very carefully crafted, even having an upholstered and perfectly shaped receptacle for the owner’s pistol – which didn’t come with the car!

Look what we found in the glovebox!


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