Increasing numbers of older cars are escaping inspection

The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs’ recent 2019 National Cost of Ownership Survey suggests that more than two-thirds of the UK’s historic vehicles used on the road are no longer submitted for an MoT test, leading to concern that an increasing number of unsafe classics are being driven without any form of inspection. On May 20, 2018 MoT exemption was brought into line with historic vehicle tax (VED), meaning vehicles built more than 40 years ago no longer need to be tested, providing no ‘substantial changes’ have been made in the last 30 years. MoT testing can still be performed on a voluntary basis, but the FBHVC estimates that just 32 per cent of historic vehicles are presented in this way.


Justification for the exemption was made on the basis that a growing generation of testers are not familiar with the quirks of older vehicles and that the modern MoT is no longer relevant to cars over 40 years old. However it does offer the question… just how safe is your car? There are still plenty of classic-savvy garages out there, as listed on the FBHVC website. By using these, we are not only helping to ensure our classic are safer, but could give the industry a welcome boost too.


Do you still feel your Mini should make its annual trip to the test station?

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