Hypercars head to two extremes – one is electric, the other has a quad-turbo V8

Hypercars head to two extremes. One is electric, the other has a quad-turbo V8.

Creating an ‘ultimate’ hypercar is the dream of many a well-funded enthusiast, and the rise in credibility of electric powertrains is bringing in new players. The latest of these is the Shul Inspire Gran Turismo (topmost photo), masterminded by Chunky Vazirani and intended to embody Indian values of non-aggression. It uses a gas-turbine engine to power a generator, a system similar to that of Jaguar’s C-X75.

The other is the Milan Red from Austria (lower pic), the idea of Markus Fux, who plans to build 99 of them at nearly £2m each. It features a 6.2-litre, 1325bhp, quad-turbo V8 built by motorsport engineering company AVL, the first roadgoing use of carbonfibre suspension wishbones and a top speed predicted to be over 250mph. ‘It’s a car that serves only one purpose: stealing the show,’ says Fux.

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