How to Enjoy Formula 1 Once the Season Ends

Formula 1 has much to recommend it as a spectator sport, from fast-paced thrills and charismatic drivers, to feats of engineering excellence. Beloved of motoring fanatics across the globe, it has provided endless hours of entertainment over the years.

However, there comes a sad time for any Formula 1 fan: the annual closing of the season. With 2020’s final race scheduled for the 13th December, we have mere weeks before we’re once more cast adrift, left to sate our love of the sport in other and arguably less thrilling ways.

So, how best can you get your Formula 1 fix once the driving is done? Here are a few options you might want to check out.

F1 2020

Ever since the release of Pole Position in 1982, Formula 1 has been a staple source of inspiration for the world of video gaming. After Sony concluded its series, the license for these F1 games passed to Codemasters, who’ve held it since 2009.

Releasing annual sequels, the company’s offerings have become progressively more advanced, culminating in their highly impressive 2020 title, released in July. With cover art featuring Lewis Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo, Max Verstappen, and Sebastian Vettel, all of our favorite drivers and tracks exist in-game, offering plenty of opportunities to enjoy yourself.

Formula X

If you’d like to up the ante a little, you might also want to check out the Formula X game, Replicating the world of Formula 1 racing, this features immersive gameplay, impressive graphics, and top-tier audio and visual effects.

A five-reel slot game, it comes with many great features, including the exciting chance to earn a jackpot finish. Aesthetically, it features everything F1 fans like best, from adrenaline-inducing gameplay to trophies.

It’s likely to be of particular appeal to the growing number of people who enjoy online gambling. In fact, so popular has the pastime become, that an entire industry of directory sites has been created around it, to point people in the direction of the best bonuses and promotions. These include, for example,, which may be a good starting point for those in search of special offers.

Lando Norris’ Twitch channel

For something a little different, check out driver Lando Norris’ channel. We personally find it fascinating to see what the stars of the sport get up to when they’re not behind the steering wheel, and this is a great combination for those who enjoy both F1 and gaming.

Currently describing himself as a ‘temporarily full-time streamer’, the Belgian-British McLaren driver currently sits seventh in the championship. He also recently launched a Quadrant Esports team according to, which arguably makes him even more of an interesting character to follow off-track.

F1 | Beyond the Grid

Last but not least, why not also check out the F1 | Beyond the Grid podcast? Airing weekly, this is presented by Bose. Telling some great stories, it delivers fresh insights and incredible anecdotes from the world of Formula 1. As the name suggests, however, it doesn’t only cover the on-track action; it also offers a behind-the-scenes look at the goings-on and characters behind the world’s premier motorsport. You can listen to the podcast at

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