Honda names its first all-electric car

The first fully electric urban vehicle from Honda will be called the ‘Honda e’, the company has confirmed. The new all-electric small car debuted at the 2017 Frankfurt motor show as the ‘Urban EV’ concept and an almost production-ready version named the ‘e Prototype’ version was shown at the 2019 Geneva motor show.

The Honda e is expected to have a range of 124 miles, as well as a ‘fast charge’ functionality which will ‘refuel’ to 80% capacity just 30 minutes. Around 6,500 expressions of interest have been collected in the UK alone.

Honda names its first all-electric car

Honda names its first all-electric car

Honda’s ‘Electric Vision’ dictates that 100% of its European sales will feature electrified powertrains by 2025. Accordingly, Honda has stated that the next-generation Jazz will be available with a hybrid powertrain featuring Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive technology as seen on the new CR-V Hybrid.

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