Harley-Davidson 2019 Supernaked

With sales of poorly-built, dynamically-atrocious chromed pig-iron Hawgs waning, Harley have got radical (or at least up to modern standards).


They’re going to build this: a 975cc supernaked with all-new everything. There’s also a 1250 adventure bike, but it looks awful so we haven’t shown you that. Specs are vague and subject to change before it appears in 2020: if they can get at least 130bhp at the wheel and under 220kg fully-fuelled, it’ll be worth a sniff, even if you’ve no desire for a tasselled jacket with ‘Born to ride, ride to die’ or such cobblers written on the back.

 Looks promising. Just don’t fook it up, Harley

Harley-Davidson 2019 Supernaked Looks promising. Just don’t f**k it up, Harley

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