Hardcore Ford GT is built for the track

The ‘MkII’ name is an important one in Ford history, as it was applied to the first evolution of the classic GT40 when the engineers decided to fit a 7.0-litre Galaxie NASCAR engine to it. And this nameplate has re-emerged in 2019 for the GT supercar, with Ford debuting a track-only variant at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Created by Ford Performance and Multimatic, this is a limited-run special that’s neither road-legal nor aimed at specific race series – it’s a pure track toy with an incredible spec. The 3.5-litre EcoBoost V6 puts out 700bhp, while the body wears aggressive aerodynamic upgrades that enable it to create over 400% more downforce than the road car; the huge dual-element rear wing helps to achieve this, along with the new front splitter, diffuser, wing louvres and dive planes. The combination of Michelin Pilot Sport race tyres and race-spec suspension imbue it with 2g of lateral grip; a roof snorkel feeds extra coolers for the engine, clutch and transmission, while inside you’ll find a Sparco race seat – the passenger seat is optional. The ultimate playboy toy?



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