Glohh GL-5i Sweeps in for Range Rover Sport

British manufacturer Glohh has launched the world’s first aftermarket tail light for the Range Rover Sport with a ‘dynamic start-up display’ (DSD). This sequence of illumination adds a touch of theatre as you unlock the car, providing a visual ‘signature’ to the driver. Two pulses of light are followed by the building of each light segment, before the brake lights activate and every LED is extinguished for a second before returning to normal.


The Glohh GL-5i is compatible with Range Rover Sport’s sold from 2013 and also features a sequential indicator, with a rapid sweep of bright orange light from 15 LEDs that illuminate in rapid succession. Each indicator forms a 450mm band, while four individual three-dimensional brake lights in each cluster appear brighter for those directly behind the vehicle than in adjacent lanes for added safety.

Glohh Gl-5i Sweeps In For Range Rover Sport

Glohh Gl-5i Sweeps in for Range Rover Sport

According to Glohh head of design, Dr Faheem Rafiq: “We wanted to provide Range Rover Sport owners with an alternative design with futuristic features previously unavailable.” The GL-5i has also been designed with aerodynamics in mind, with one-third of its casing employed to manage airflow and reduce drag. Integrated LED reversing lights are hidden behind a lens and Glohh says they are “almost invisible” while not in use. Designed for the L494 Range Rover Sport and facelifted version, the light units are compatible with European ECE and US DOT regulations. The GL-5i costs from £949, with more information available at

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