Give generously to help Norman Dewis

Friends and former colleagues of Norman Dewis OBE have set up a trust fund for the Jaguar test driver to help him cope as he battles against illness. Dewis, who is 99 and still lives at home on his own, will use donations to fund comforts such as assistance with housework and cleaning. The initiative was started by Jaguar employee Tony O’Keeffe, who said: ‘Norman is fully aware of what we are doing and he would like to thank all the Jaguar family for taking the time in doing this for him.

Call for help for Norman

‘The funds will be fully audited and managed in accordance with the trust deed for Norman’s personal benefit. Any surplus funds left after the death of Norman will be donated to Hope House Hospice, a charity that looks after terminally ill children and which is very close to Norman.’ Donations can be paid directly into the trust fund account. Details are NatWest Bank account number 15094030 and sort code 01-00-85. Please make the reference Norman Dewis OBE Trust Fund.


Norman Dewis


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