FUCHS Lubricants Mini Challenge

New rally teams are being invited to join the 2020 FUCHS Lubricants Classic Mini Challenge, in association with Clitheroe and District Motor Club. Challenge spokesperson, Jackie Parkinson, said: “2019 was the inaugural year of the championship and the competitors had a great season of rallying, socialising and generally having fun! Even though the Championship is new, some of the competitors have a wealth of experience and are more than happy to help out anyone new to rallying or needing advice or support to progress in the sport. The camaraderie between the crews made the season all the more enjoyable and the fact that the crews pull together and get any running repairs throughout the event rectified, means we get a high rate of finishers.”

2020 FUCHS Lubricants Classic Mini Challenge
2020 FUCHS Lubricants Classic Mini Challenge

Eight rallies are planned for 2020 in England, Scotland, Wales and Belgium. “With scoring opportunity from five of the eight events, it means that if you can’t do all the events you still have the opportunity to score well in the Championship or if you just wish to do the odd rally to give it a go, we can advise on the best ones to try and see if you enjoy it,” added Jackie, who can also help teams with finding accommodation and refreshments throughout the day of the event. She can be contacted on: [email protected]

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