Fourth Tesla takes fight to Euro rivals

Model 3-based seven-seat SUV revealed

A Tesla Model 3 on stilts

New Model Y is positioned as a compact SUV to rival the forthcoming BMW iX3 and Volvo e-XC40, but you could argue it’s just a taller Model 3 on tip-toes: three-quarters of its parts are interchangeable. Seating for seven, with sales from late 2020.

Meet the family

The Model Y completes Elon Musk’s naffly named S, 3, X, Y core model range. Although it wasn’t the first Tesla, the company as we know it was built on the Model S, which kicked off the quiet revolution in 2012.

The 1000mph SUV (sort of)

Two battery capacities will be sold: Standard Range costs $39,000 (£30k) with 230 miles of range, while the $47,000 (£36k) Long Range is claimed to manage up to 300 miles. The latest v3 Supercharging promises 1000 miles of range in one hour!

Musk: man on a mission

The Model Y was revealed 11 years after Elon Musk’s first EV, the Lotus-engineered Roadster Mk1. Since then, Tesla has made 550,000 cars. He claims that by this time next year Tesla will be building that many Model 3s annually, in US and China.

2020 Tesla Model-Y
2020 Tesla Model-Y / Shape echoes the larger Model X, but Y’s seven occupants have less room, and conventional rather than expensive falcon-wing doors.

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