Flyer makes production

The Citroën 2CV based Flyer is a car that we’ve long championed here at Complete Kit Car. When designer Greg Murrell first made us aware of the car, we invited him to display the prototype on our stand at the 2007 Exeter kit car show (pic far right) before the car made appearances at several other kit car shows. That was over a decade ago, but we’ve kept in semi-regular contact ever since.

A few years ago, Greg sold the rights to Arthur Breuring in the Netherlands – and, after much work, it is now in production. The car you see here is the second example to have come out of the new chassis jig and body moulds.

What always appealed to us about the Flyer was its thoroughly resolved styling and close attention to detail. It looks special in the photos, and even more so in reality. There’s no doubting that Greg has an eye for style, and the car has really balanced proportions, and all the details that make a real difference to the look of the car, such as the way the body wraps under the chassis, have an utterly professional feel to them. The quality is high throughout, too – getting shutlines that tight in GRP takes real care and attention.


Flyer makes production

Just as it was when it appeared on the UK show circuit, the Flyer is based on the Citroën 2CV, the two-cylinder engine now having just 450kg to propel. The most significant change in the transformation from concept to production is the roof. Where it used to roll around and store under the seats, it now hinges at the back – so can no longer be stored on board when it’s lowered.

Some details remain to be finished, such as the trims for the windscreen surround, but in the main it’s ready to go and Arthur Breuring’s De Flyer operation is taking orders. A comprehensive kit is €14,100, which includes the chassis. If you’re going to source a donor 2CV chassis, you can order the kit without the chassis for €7600. Both packages include the 19-piece pack of GRP panels, as well as other items such as hinges, engine mounts, exhaust, lights and many other parts. W:

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