Top 5 reasons to buy an electric car

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As the world is looking to shift to becoming more environmentally conscious, changing your car could be one of the things you do to help. Many of us use our run-arounds to take the kids to school, head to the shops and commute to work, but do we truly know the impact our diesel and petrol engines are having on the environment?

While many are sceptical about making the switch to an electric car, the next time you’re in the market for some new wheels, take a look at these top 5 reasons why you should switch…

  1. Zero emissions

Yes, it is now possible. While you’re driving to work or nipping to and from family and friends, towns and cities continue to face dangerous levels of pollution. By switching to an EV (electric vehicle) that produces no emissions, you’ll be helping to reduce CO2 and other harmful greenhouse gasses.

  1. They’re cheap to run

The average cost of running an EV is around 3.7p per mile, compared to around 14.2p of a standard petrol car. It can also be just as cost effective if you charge from a point set up at your home. For example, if you have a Renault Zoe, you can “fill it up full” with a 40kW battery for just £4.80! And, if you drove for 200 miles, that works out at less than 3p a mile.

Top 5 reasons to buy an electric car
Top 5 reasons to buy an electric car

  1. Government grants and tax benefits

You’d be surprised how many benefits buying and owning and electric car comes with. From 1st April 2019, all EVs under £40,000 fall into band A, meaning no road tax is payable. You can also receive a discount on the price of a new low-emission vehicle through a Government grant scheme; this is up to £3,500.

With the cost of EVs getting cheaper and cheaper, it’s much easier to shop around for the perfect one for you; but, if you’re still not sure and want to try one out for a while, you might want to consider personal leasing through companies like ZenAuto.

  1. They have a high range of mileage

You may have heard the term “range anxiety”. This is where people who are thinking of purchasing a new or used electric car, are worries about being restricted by battery levels. With the new, extensive range of cars that are out there, you can expect to get upwards of 280 miles on a single charge – plus, the majority of service and petrol stations now have dedicated charging points. Say goodbye to range anxiety!

  1. You’re helping to save the planet

Let’s be honest, what better reason do you need than this one? Not only are they cost effective, both to purchase and to run, but they help reduce emissions and come with a range of benefits. What are you waiting for?

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  1. Aspi Rant

Even without a source, those are some believable results. The Model 3 has all the torque, the Europeans tend to test American cars like shit on purpose so that their cars seem "better," and the launch control is ONLY attached to the European cars while the American cars go without it

  1. Aspi Rant

The way the entire roof/bonnet/bed is defined with just two faces - that is uncompromising design, simplified to the absolute lowest number of vertices/lines/faces you can possibly have to form a geometric shape. For each regular car in a computer game, your computer could render 1000 Tesla Cybertrucks 3D graphics designer probably needs 8+ hours to lay out the intricate shape of a normal car. He could do a Tesla truck in 5 minutes

  Comment was last edited about 2 months ago by Aspi Rant Aspi Rant
  1. D Orloff

Tesla Model 3 performance was participating in an annual sports car comparison in Sweden which were published this week. In this comparison several car magazines reporters drive same cars several days and give comments as well as overall points and rankings. Track times are driven by same semi professional ex competition driver (already same guy more than 3 years on the row). All cars are road condition and best lap time is recorded only when two consequential times are within 0,2s. While these reporters have very likely driven all possible new road legal cars during last years, I think this is very unbiased comparison of Tesla Model 3 under the heading "sports car". In reality it should not ranked like sports car, but seems to be many claims that it is. Anyway lap times Tesla were 11th and ranking 20th out of 21 cars. Tesla got a lot of claims for handling and breaks especially in high speed.

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