Formula 1

  • Charlie Whiting, 1952-2019

    Charlie Whiting

    Charlie Whiting, the British motor sport official best known for his role as Formula One race director, has died aged 66, on the eve of the 2019 Australian Grand Prix at which he had been due to officiate.

  • Shock exit by Renault Formula E team - Nissan Enters Formula E

    Formula E

    From the end of season 4, the French team will no longer be represented at Formula E, as the company says it plans to focus more on Formula 1.

  • 2018 Classic Nostalgia festival

    2018 Classic Nostalgia festival

    F1 cars for Shelsley Superb F1 display set for Classic Nostalgia festival.

  • 50 years ago today - February 1970’s issue of CAR

    50 years ago today - February 1970’s issue of CAR

    How F1s costs could be reduced while keeping it competitive troubled CAR in 1970, but a new outfit had a bold solution…

  • Arrivederci, Maurizio!


    As Arrivabene departs, Ferrari gains another new team principal. Will Mattia Binotto succeed where others have failed?

  • David Coulthard, F1’s Mr Nice Guy

    David Coulthard, F1’s Mr Nice Guy and the Mercedes-Benz 280SL Pagoda W113

    David Coulthard Interview. Multiple grand prix winner, TV personality and entrepreneur, Coulthard has literally written the book on success in a life that always revolved around cars. Words Damien Smith. Portrait photograph Jayson Fong Archive Alamy.

  • F1 versus COVID-19

    F1 versus COVID-19

    Formula 1 teams solve hugely complex technical problems fast, and AMG has shifted the engineering might that’s seen it dominate hybrid-era F1 to helping the NHS cope with Covid-19.

  • Formula One in my day

    Formula One in my day

    Formula One in my day. Having worked behind the lens for more than 30 years, Charles Briscoe-Knight picks his favourite shots from the glory days of grand prix racing. Words and Photography Charles Briscoe-Knight.

  • Forza Alfa! Your essential guide to F1 2019

    Forza Alfa! Your essential guide to F1 2019

    Kimi in an Alfa! It’s F1’s dream team Ferrari tech, Kimi Räikkönen and a car as fast as it is pretty? We’re cheering Alfa on this season.

  • From Formula One to adventures in Cuba – Colin Crabbe

    Colin Crabbe

    A life extraordinary From Formula One to adventures in Cuba – Colin Crabbe tells all. “The deal for the Mercedes involved me handing over $10,000 in a paper bag at Checkpoint Charlie” Few have led as colourful a motoring life as Colin Crabbe. Richard Heseltine revels in the many stories perfectly recalled by this raconteur par excellence. Photography Tony Baker/LAT/Dalton Watson.

  • Gone but not forgotten - controversial racing impresario Raymond Mays 1899-1980

    Raymond Mays

    Gone but not forgotten. Controversial racing impresario Raymond Mays. Controversial father of the British Formula 1 industry ‘In Junior-GP Voiturette racing, Era and mays were potent, gaining respect on both sides of the channel’ Words Dale Drinnon. Photography Drive-My.

  • Greatest Races - Michael Schumacher's win in the 1996 Formula 1 Spanish GP

    1996 Formula 1

    Greatest Races the Reign in Spain. Greatest Races Schumey in the rain in Spain. Michael Schumacher's win in the 1996 Spanish GP was simply one of the greatest ever. In atrocious conditions at the 1996 Spanish GP in Barcelona, Michael Schumacher was all-conquering. Words Andrew Frankel. Photography LAT.

  • Hamilton vs. Verstappen is 2020’s big F1 battle

    2020 F1 season

    ‘Lewis Hamilton is not God’ The 2020 F1 season is go, with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen versus Merc’s Lewis Hamilton sure to be one of the key battles. By Tom Clarkson.

  • Has Mercedes Created the Perfect F1 Car, or is it Down to Hamilton?

    Earlier in the Formula One season, Lewis Hamilton indisputably established himself as one of the greatest drivers in the history of the sport by equalling Michael Schumacher’s win record. Claiming first place in the 2020 Eifel Grand Prix – in Germany, no less – the English driver arrived on 91 wins in what’s turning out to be another dominant season for his car’s manufacturers, Mercedes.

    With Hamilton behind the wheel, Mercedes have dominated the sport for the last six years, with their own engine powering their incredible chassis. However, has all of this success come more as a result of Hamilton’s driving or the expertise put into the F1 car each year?

    Experts often side with a Mercedes triumph


    At the start of the season, Red Bull and Max Verstappen were often thrown into the conversation as dark-horse contenders to usurp Mercedes and Hamilton. Even former Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo, now with Renault, was thrown in as an outside shot. However, as the season progressed, it became ever more apparent that the reigning champions were the favorites for yet another Constructors’-Drivers’ world championship double.

    Now, for any of the remaining F1 meets, you’ll always find Hamilton ahead in the sports betting at Royal Panda, often with Valtteri Bottas given the odds of the second-favorite. This is, perhaps, the most telling factor, as not only is Hamilton a clear favorite, but his teammate invariably ranks second. So, even if Hamilton weren’t at the top of the odds, a Mercedes driver would be favored to win the race.

    It’s tough to argue with the ratings, especially when you consider the win rate of the German constructors this year. Through the first 11 races of the 2020 F1 campaign, taking place in Austria, Hungary, Great Britain, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Russia, and Germany, Mercedes drivers claimed nine victories.

    Only the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix at Silverstone and the Italian Grand Prix didn’t finish with a Mercedes driver atop the race day standings. Furthermore, only four of those races ended without both Hamilton and Bottas on the podium at all.

    Of course, driving talent makes up a considerable part of a team’s success, particularly in the more challenging cars. However, as Hamilton and Bottas are consistently favored above all others in the F1 odds, it stands to reason that the Mercedes car is rated well above the rest.

    A top-class car that allows for mistakes


    Ever since the 1.6-liter V6 turbo hybrid era commenced in 2014, Mercedes has been unstoppable. The level of success of the team since 2014 has even exceeded that of the 2000 to 2004 Ferrari team, holding a win rate in excess of 75 percent according to The Race, compared to the legendary Italian team’s 67 percent.

    Despite their ongoing dominance, Mercedes has rarely entered the season rated as the best car in all regards. For example, over the last couple of seasons, Ferrari has been labeled the fastest car, at least down the straights. Even this season, they’re meant to be quicker around the corners, but it’s Mercedes’ build that continues to reign supreme.

    A lot of this has been put down to the combination of the car’s unrivaled aerodynamics which, even though the others may be faster, allows drivers to make slight mistakes without it costing the run. Their W11 design is the best of the best right now, and while Mercedes has hired a couple of very experienced and talented drivers, the car does allow them to have off days and still stay on top of the competition.

    Some would argue that Max Verstappen’s ability to handle the knife-edge precision required to get the most out of the Red Bull makes him the best driver in F1. However, the combination of Mercedes’ design and Hamilton’s class continues to bring in wins and championships.

  • How F1 made a 1000bhp monster of the humble hybrid

    How F1 made a 1000bhp monster of the humble hybrid

    F1 should be contesting its seventh hybrid season. Instead we’ve time to examine how these power units work, and how they’ve evolved. By Craig Scarborough and Ben Miller.

  • How to Enjoy Formula 1 Once the Season Ends

    How to Enjoy Formula 1 Once the Season Ends

    Formula 1 has much to recommend it as a spectator sport, from fast-paced thrills and charismatic drivers, to feats of engineering excellence. Beloved of motoring fanatics across the globe, it has provided endless hours of entertainment over the years.

  • In this month: January 1969 The birth of Michael Schumacher

    In this month: January 1969 The birth of Michael Schumacher

    A seven-time Formula 1 World Champion. That’s the title that Michael Schumacher can still claim, and a title that might never be broken. Words by Neil Godwin-Stubbert.

  • Inquisition Mercedes F1 chief Toto Wolff

    Inquisition Mercedes F1 chief Toto Wolff

    ‘I’m obsessive about detail’ Merc’s F1 boss on how to win almost everything (though it does mean cleaning the toilets…)

  • Market Watch Ex-Lauda Ferrari 312T - the car that helped Niki Lauda to his first Formula 1 drivers' title comes to market

    Ferrari 312T

    The value of hard work. Niki Lauda grafted to make the 312T GREAT. His reward, a first F1 title. Words Chris Bietzk. Photography Gooding & Co / Mike Maez.

  • McLaren’s carbon crafter, Tom Barnard

    McLaren’s carbon crafter, Tom Barnard

    John Barnard changed the face of Grand Prix racing with his revolutionary use of carbonfibre, but his time at McLaren wasn’t all plain sailing… Words James Page. Photography James Page/LAT.

  • Mercedes unveils new car for 2018 Formula 1 season

    Mercedes unveils new car for 2018 Formula 1 season

    Mercedes have dominated the world of Formula 1 since the introduction of V6 turbo engines to the sport in 2014, and there’s no sign yet of them relinquishing their crown. Unveiled at Silverstone in February, the new W09 EQ Power+ looks ready to carry the team to their fifth winning year in a row. Race drivers Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas have both been enthusiastic about the new car’s capabilities, and initial test drives in Barcelona earlier this year showed promise.

  • Niki Lauda 1949-2019

    Niki Lauda

    Forthright, fast and one of F1’s greatest characters: Niki Lauda remembered. Words Jack Phillips. Photography Motorsport Images.

  • Paul Michaels tale

    Paul Michaels

    Brabham, Bernie, and a garage owners Great Formula One Adventure. Not content with simply running Hexagon of Highgate, Paul Michaels decided to go motor racing, too. Richard Heseltine tells his story. Photography Lyndon McNeil/LAT.

  • Pierre Gasly out - Alex Albon in - Red Bull seat swap: Behind F1 2019’s greatest shock

    Albon will replace Gasly

    Red Bull interrupted the start of Formula 1’s summer break with the shock announcement that Pierre Gasly will be replaced by Alex Albon for the rest of the season. Gasly’s struggles to get close to the pace of Max Verstappen have been evident from the moment he crashed in pre-season testing, but Red Bull has staunchly supported its new driver since then. As recently as the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend it insisted Gasly would see out the season, but just over one week later revealed that rookie Toro Rosso driver Albon will replace Gasly alongside Verstappen in the Red Bull line-up from the Belgian Grand Prix.

  • Porsche’s F1 victory

    Porsche’s F1 victory

    Porsche and motorsport success go hand-in-hand, but its F1 career as a constructor was both short-lived and short on success. Story: Andrew Frankel. Photography: Porsche Archive.

  • Racer Ian Ashley

    Racer Ian Ashley

    “The Hesketh and I did two-and-a-half back ward Somersaults 30ft in the air”  Ian Ashley recalls the moment that ended his F1 career, but, as he tells Richard Heseltine, that didn’t put him off racing – even if some of his mounts were a bit ropey. Portrait Tony Baker, Archive Ian Ashley/Richard Heseltine/LAT.

  • Schumacher at 50

    Schumacher at 50

    Ferrari honours one of its all-time greats with a major exhibition at Maranello. Words John Barker.

  • The Iceman Goeth

    The Iceman Goeth

    He discovered on the morning of the Italian Grand Prix that he wouldn’t have a Ferrari race seat in 2019, but Kimi Räikkönen’s desire to race remains unchanged. Ditto his personality… Mark Hughes.

  • The Top Formula 1 Cars In 2017


    The cars of Formula 1 can almost be frustrating for automobile lovers, because they’re not exactly the sorts of vehicles you can purchase or imitate. These are vehicles built very specifically for their sport, and as such they can be more or less inaccessible to the rest of us. That said, they’re built by normal (if high-end) manufacturers, and watching them perform can be truly spectacular. This is our brief look at some of the cars that are dominating the circuits this year so far.

  • War of the worlds

    War of the worlds

    More than Ferrari versus Mercedes, the battle at the sharp end of F1 is one of two contrasting philosophies. What exactly has Merc got so right? By Tom Clarkson.

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