Market Trends French Saloon Citroën XM

Market Trends French Saloon Citroën XM

We’re used to quirky French designs, even so, when the Citroën XM went on sale in 1989 the terms ‘refreshingly radical’ and ‘slightly quirky’ were still used to describe its design. It’s different, but in one of those ‘love it or hate it’ ways. We’re fond of cars that step out of the realms of ordinary and push the boundaries, which is why the XM sits here.


The first generation XM ran from ’1989 to ’1994 with an enormous selection of trim levels and engine sizes. The top of the range came in the form of a 3-litre V6 five-door hatchback or estate. The best feature of the big Citroën has to be the trick Hydractive suspension that sensed how you were driving and adjusted the ride and handling to suit. Although this can be problematic today if it’s been neglected.

There’s a range of XMs on offer today ranging from around £1000 upwards; this will see you obtain a car that is in need of some work. We’d recommend spending around £3000 to get a model with good history and either the V6 under the bonnet or the popular turbo-diesel.

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