Contact at Laguna Seca for OAK Racing

Contact at Laguna Seca for OAK Racing

Contact at Laguna Seca for OAK Racing. Mazda Raceway, better known as the legendary Laguna Seca, was the stage for an exciting LMP2 race, with overtaking galore and plenty of drama. Following a good start to the weekend, the number 42 OAK Racing Morgan-Nissan LMP2 finished 19th in the Continental Tire Monterey Grand Prix at Mazda Raceway, on the 5th of May. Piloting the Morgan were Brit Alex Brundle and Gustavo Yacaman of Colombia.

Just 45 minutes into the race, the team was involved in on-track contact and had to conduct repairs quickly. The team was able to fix the car and it returned to the track seven laps down. The two-hour timed race, part of a double- header weekend, was reserved for the Prototype and GTLM cars. This was the first time the No. 42 car, which qualified fourth, had competed at the legendary course.

“Gustavo (Yacaman) put in a good start during the race,” said Brundle. “We were racing all the way through with some DPs at the front. When I got in the car, I made a move on the inside of one of the DP competitors, who put me in the dirt in the braking zone. There was absolutely no chance that I would be able to stop on the dirt after being pushed off the track. I went straight into some competitors in front of me, which was a real shame. We managed to fix the car and continue to pick up some points, which was a good salvage from a very bad situation. Hopefully we can pick ourselves up and move on to the next race.”

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