Citroen SM to be reborn as DS SM?

The Citroen SM is famous for its intriguing blend of Maserati V6 engine combined with innovative French coachwork and sublime GT drive. And, with the recent PSA-FCA tie-up, could another SM be on the cards? Certainly the indications are that it could be. Confusingly, this time around the SM could be the next DS model (rather than Citroen) – following hot on the heels of the DS 9 (below) that was revealed at the end of February. A team led by Thierry Metroz started a new challenge to design the shape of the “SM 2020″.

Six DS DESIGN STUDIO PARIS creations can be voted for by visitors to DS Automobiles on Facebook and Twitter.

Citroen SM to be reborn as DS SM?

Citroen SM to be reborn as DS SM?

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