Broken wire solution – Schmiedmann harness repair

Many BMW owners will, sooner or later, experience wiring issues related to the tailgate or boot lid of their cars. According to independent BMW specialist, Schmiedmann, the danger is that, with time and use, the wires in this area of the harness can break. This can then cause several different parts of the car to malfunction, such as the light in the boot, the windscreen wipers, the swivelling tow bar (if fitted), the electric handle for opening the boot lid, and much more besides.

Fortunately, the problem is easily fixed with Schmiedmann’s harness repair kits, that are now available for an extremely wide range of BMW models (including the likes of E81, E87, E36, E46, E39, E60, Z3 and Z4, among many others).

This kit allows for easy repair without having to spend time and money with a specialist. It costs £36.59, and you can find out more by visiting:

Broken wire solution
Broken wire solution / The Schmiedmann harness repair set provides a simple solution to debilitating wire fractures in many older BMW models.

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