BMW updates i3 I01 battery and drops REX

Doubling in size, the new i3 and i3s battery has a capacity of 120Ah and a gross energy content of 42.2kWh. Translation: official range is now 223 miles (previously 180 to 186 miles) on the NEDC driveing cycle for the i3 and 214 miles for the i3s. More importantly, this means 192 miles of driving range according to the new and more accurate WLTP testing.0-80% charge using CCS should take around 42-minutes, while using a 7.4kW wallbox will take 4.9 hours. The new battery also marks an important move – the i3 is now electric only, with BMW quietly dropping the range extender from the line-up.


BMW updates i3 battery and drops REX
BMW updates i3 battery and drops REX

Other changes to the new cars include adaptive LED headlamps that keep high-beam on but dynamically blank off areas of light for oncoming traffic. Subtle styling details have also been made. The i3 and i3s go on sale from December 2018, with prices starting from £35,180.

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