Barker-bodied boat tail Mercedes wins Concours of Elegance

A unique Barker-bodied Mercedes-Benz S-Type was voted the ‘Most Beautiful Car at the Show’ at this year’s Concours of Elegance, held in the grounds of London’s Hampton Court Palace.

The car, which we featured in Issue 7 of Mercedes Driver, came with a unique boat tail body and hadn’t put a tyre on British soil in 60 years.

Mercedes-Benz S-Type Barker “Boat Tail”

Mercedes-Benz S-Type Barker “Boat Tail”

Originally owned by British Racing Drivers’ Club co-founder Earl Howe, the car was fitted with a revolutionary alloy body which incorporated aircraft-inspired aluminium side pods crafted by English coachbuilders Barker.

Many of its first owner’s specifications had been lost, but the car has now been returned to its former glory thanks to a recent restoration.

Concours of Elegance Managing Director, Andrew Evans, said: “The Mercedes S-Type ‘Boat Tail’ is such a special car, and we were incredibly privileged to have it at Concours of Elegance 2018. This car hadn’t turned a wheel in the UK during many people’s lifetimes, so it was an opportunity for our visitors to come and see a real piece of motoring history.”

As ever with the Concours of Elegance, a huge amount of money was raised for the event’s chosen charities this year; Springfield Youth Club Hackney and the College of St. George.

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