Auto Finesse launches Detailing Academy

Leading car care specialist Auto Finesse has opened a dedicated Detailing Academy, designed to teach visitors the dark art of detailing…

Auto Finesse has launched a Detailing Academy at its Hertfordshire headquarters, it is designed to serve enthusiasts and professional detailers alike. The stunning dedicated detailing space at the firm’s flagship store hosts a range of courses covering everything, from the foundations of detailing through to professional week-long specialist training courses.

 Auto Finesse launches Detailing Academy

Auto Finesse launches Detailing Academy

Facilitating the learning process are two state-of-the-art and fully equipped detailing bays, each with colour balanced lighting systems, purified water filtration systems, low level ramps and demonstration vehicles to enable visitors to practice their technique. There’s also a cool coffee bar for caffeine aficionados. Auto Finesse offers four different tailored courses intended to appeal to a range of enthusiasts. The first is ‘Detail What You Bring’ (£395.00), a chance to learn detailing techniques and apply them to your very own vehicle in situ. Second comes ‘Enthusiast’ (£295.00), this is billed as an introduction to detailing, ideal for the beginner. ‘Advanced’ (£395.00) allows attendees with an existing level of knowledge to master the finer points of detailing, enabling them to take their skills to the next level. Lastly there is ‘Professional’ (£2,495), which is designed to afford experienced pupils complete confidence in tackling any detailing task at a professional level. Booking is a simple case of visiting the website and selecting your course from the available upcoming dates.

In addition to the paid-for classes Auto Finesse holds three types of free event; ‘Cars and Coffee’, ‘Product Masterclass’ and ‘The Theory of Detailing’. Cars and Coffee sees the doors to the academy swung open to a variety of vehicles in an informal open day, there are refreshments and detailing experts on hand to answer any burning detailing questions. The Product Masterclass is a free evening class where detailing methods are discussed and prototype products from the Auto Finesse range are blind tested. The Theory of Detailing is the final free event, this is for clubs and groups of up to 10 people. Attendees are guided through the entire Auto Finesse range during a day of theory and hands-on detailing activities, with tips and tricks imparted from experts throughout. Those who like the sound of the three free events are encouraged to register their interest on the Auto Finesse website.

If you like the sound of the Auto Finesse Detailing Academy navigate your way to the website:

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