Audi’s first EV takes the fight to Tesla and Jaguar

AUDI has entered the EV market with a bang with its latest concept, the e-tron: a near 250-mile range electric ‘no compromise’ SUV.

With the e-tron serving as the edge of the knife, Audi has also stated its electric intentions with no fewer than 12 global models set to appear in showrooms by 2025.

Audi’s first EV takes the fight to Tesla and Jaguar

Audi’s first EV takes the fight to Tesla and Jaguar

Like the I-Pace, Audi hasn’t been tempted down an all-out performance war with Tesla and on-paper specs for the e-tron are modest by Tesla’s Ludicrous standards, but they’re perfectly respectable with a brief 0-62mph time of 5.7 seconds and a top speed of 124mph. This is thanks to twin electric motors (one front, one rear) pumping out a combined 408hp and 664Nm torque.

Taking care of any range anxiety, the e-tron is capable of 248-miles range (WLTP) thanks to its hefty 95kWh lithium-ion battery – just a few less than Tesla’s maximum 100kWh battery size.

Charging isn’t capable of accepting the Ionity network’s full blast of 350kW charge rates, but the e-tron can accept 150kW, which should entail 0-80% charge in around 30 minutes – equating to 200 miles range. Furthermore, Audi is introducing a new premium charging service that allows the e-tron to utilise more than 72,000 charge points across 16 EU markets with a single card or myAudi app.

Prices start from £70,805 RRP in the UK (€79,900 in Germany) with higher performance variants likely to follow, as well as a variety of trim level options and equipment choices.

As for the car, Audi has made every effort to make the e-tron a true Audi, complete with the latest technology including cameras instead of mirrors (that won’t be available in certain markets due to preventative legislation), and a host of other goodies. Ticking Audi’s green credential boxes, the e-tron will be built at Audi’s CO2- neutral plant in Brussels.

Order books will be open from the end of 2018 in Europe and in 2019 for the UK, while Audi will happily take a fully refundable deposit of £1,000 from you today, to secure your place in the ever-growing queue.

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