Appreciating Depreciation Audi S4 B6

The badging structure of hot Audis has been following parallel lines for some time – the S models are the really good ones, and the RS models are the really, really good ones. The thing is, the RS halo is so bright and shiny, it’s easy to overlook the S cars, and this is a mistake – although it works out quite well for us, as it makes the used ones really quite affordable.

Look at the B6-generation S4. On sale from early 2003 until late 2004 in saloon and Avant form (with the cabriolet running to late ’05), this looks to the untrained eye like a nicely specced commuter TDI, rather than being all angry and wide like the RS4. But the B6 S4 is mighty – it’s got a 4.2-litre 40v V8 mated to either a 6-speed Getrag ’box or a paddle-shift auto, with 339bhp to play with. That’s ridiculous. It’ll do 0-62mph in under six seconds. The Quattro system means it grips like a paparazzo to a Kardashian, and it’s no stripped-out road-racer; you get comfy electric Recaros, decent audio and all sorts of gadgets. Back when they were new, these things cost around £38,000. Today? Around £5,000. That’s a lot of bang for your buck.

 Appreciating Depreciation Audi S4 B6

Appreciating Depreciation Audi S4 B6

Top 5 mods: Revo remap, BC Racing coilovers, Milltek catback exhaust, AEM induction, retro BTCC wrap

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