An Alternative Revival

On Sunday 9 September, over 250 pre-tax vehicles arrived at Bicester Heritage to take part in the inaugural Hagerty Renaissance Meeting – An Alternative Revival. This was an opportunity for those unable to attend the Goodwood Revival to enjoy all the track activities from the historic race circuit in West Sussex on a large screen.

Classic vehicle insurance specialists Hagerty International created the event with the full backing of the Goodwood Revival team. ‘We had a really terrific day, and everyone made such an effort to get into the spirit of the event with their vehicles, picnics and clothes. It was just like being at the event itself,’ said Angus Forsyth, Managing Director of Hagerty International.

An Alternative Revival

An Alternative Revival

Of those who dressed for the occasion, stylish duo Gary and Linda Davis were judged the Best Dressed Couple for the 1950s outfits which complemented their Chevrolet station wagon to perfection, and won a pair of tickets to the Revival 2019 for their efforts. “We love Goodwood” said Gary “but were not able to attend this year, so the Renaissance is the perfect way to enjoy the Revival without actually bring present. It’s a brilliant idea and we’ve had a great day.”

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