AMG set to revive 73 range

Sold from 1997 until 2001, the largest AMG-engined Benz you could acquire remained the 7.3- litre V12, with ‘73’ badging to identify each special vehicle. Available in both convertible and coupe forms, the original drivetrain that produced 525bhp was eventually picked up by Pagani to power the original Zonda hypercar. As of then, that was where the story ended.

Now, Mercedes-AMG appear to be hatching a plan to offer even more power with AMG variants of the S-class, GLS SUV and recently unveiled and restyled G-wagen 4×4. Per a patent submitted to the European Union Patent and Trademark Office by Daimler, Mercedes’ high-performance division has currently trademarked the official and exclusive use of ‘S 73’, ‘GLS 73’ and G 73’ for future models in the European market.

AMG set to revive 73 range

AMG set to revive 73 range Above: AMG 73 moniker to return on S-Class, GLS and G-Wagen.

Forums and speculation have dictated that AMG could be readying an all-new powertrain offering unrivalled output figures. It is currently unknown what plans Benz have in the works, but principle points to an overhaul of the previous M275 6.0-litre twin-turbo V12 or, more excitingly, a tuned, high-output variation on the current M178 twin-turbo V8. As current pollution legislation strangles most older internal combustion designs, the latter option is finding favour with Mercedes enthusiasts. Higher compression turbos are expected with larger intercoolers amid 48-volt hybrid technology.

Alongside the AMG flagship model, further patents suggest the ‘AMG 63’ line will be placed under bonnets of the GLC, GLE and GLS range. Similar copyrights for ‘CLA 53’, ‘GLA 53’ and ‘GLB 53’ were also filed, although it’s far from clear how engineers will package the fresh 3.0- litre turbocharged unit in transverse form, as the introduced in-line petrol/ electric system is too long to fit any A Class-based Mercedes.

Mystery surrounds a trademark submitted for the ‘AMG 40’ and ‘AMG 50’ series, perhaps signalling that a new four-cylinder turbocharged engine range could be under development. All trademarks were filed on the 24th of September 2017, predicting the next decades’ worth of AMG models. While the 73 range was short lived, with only 85 units of the SL73 sold through dealerships, the sought after range appears to be making an overdue comeback. When prices and release dates are known, Mercedes Driver will bring you full details.

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