Alpine boffins create stripped back Supernaked GSX-R

Swiss roll out Virus Alpine boffins create stripped back Supernaked GSX-R. And it’s Suzuki approved…

Based on the mighty GSX-R1000R, this is the Suzuki Virus II. It’s a stripped-back yet high-tech super-naked with 202bhp, and you can buy one from a Suzuki dealer. Or at least you can if you pop across to Switzerland. It’s the work of Dominique Grangier and renowned Swiss dealer Moto Virus, who have form for competent race bikes and crisp specials. They built the original Virus a few years ago, based on the previous GSX-R, and wheeled out the Virus II at the recent Zurich show.

Naked Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Virus

Naked Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Virus

Obviously the fairing and clip-on handlebars have been ditched, replaced with a high ’bar from accessory company Motacc which ‘changes the driver’s sitting position and allows relaxed driving’. The original LED headlights are used in a new binnacle, freshly-made plastic hangs either side, and a dinky numberplate carrier also mounts LED winkers. The variable-valve inline four stays in dimension-shifting tune, and the high-quality chassis is also still full-on GSX-R spec.

Despite all this tinkering, the Virus II is assembled with the blessing of Suzuki Switzerland. So if you buy one it has the full manufacturer’s warranty, and comes with all the stock parts that have been removed. Moto Virus are knocking them out now for 22,000 Swiss francs – that’s around £17k.

Suzuki have also been creating spruced-up nakeds themselves. As well as offering the GSX-S1000 in Suzuki 8-Hour replica paint, they’ve used the 143bhp, 150bhp inline four as the base for the X-King. Intended to blend modern and ‘vintage’, it gets a new headlight and surround, swing-arm-mounted plate holder, carbon-finish fuel tank and frame protectors, and LED indicators. And slightly dubious graphics. They’re making 30 numbered examples, in black or grey, for around £11,955.

We find these officially-sanctioned creations really interesting. If anyone from Suzuki GB is reading this, we’d very much like to see a Virus II here in Blighty…

Suzuki’s GSX-R was at the heart of the 1980s/1990s street-fighter craze – the Virus could revive.

X-King has a far different character to base GSX-S

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