6 Car Maintenance Tips You Can’t Ignore

Car maintenance

There are good, bad, and worse roads to drive on, and keeping your car working correctly can be challenging.

But do not worry; we have discussed six actionable tips for keeping your beloved vehicle in mint condition.

Change Engine Oil

Engine oil is equivalent to the blood of your body. Just like the blood, it ensures the optimum functioning of the vehicle. Regularly changing the engine oil is crucial to your car’s health.

You can check your car’s engine oil easily via the digital display or the dipstick. During the first service, you can also request the mechanic to guide you on checking the oil level. Always maintain the prescribed oil level, and check the quality of oil before a long drive.

Check Battery

Your car won’t start without a battery. Fortunately, modern car batteries are effortlessly easy to maintain. You have to check it once in a while.

Check the battery’s terminals for any damage or corrosion and clean them regularly. If you think you won’t be using your car much for a long time, ensure that you take it for a drive at least twice a week to keep the battery working.

Check Tire Pressure

Experts recommend checking the tire pressure once every ten days.

Under-inflated tires consume more fuel and make handling difficult for you. The tires will also wear out faster if they aren’t appropriately inflated from time to time.

Over inflating the tires is also not recommended as it might result in a blowout. There is a prescribed PSI level by the tire manufacturer. Make sure you inflate your tires only to that level.

Clean/Replace the Air Filter

Cleaning your car’s air filter is a straightforward job. All that you need is to have the right set of information and suitable tools. Experts suggest monitoring the vehicle’s air filter at least once a month. Depending on the air filter’s condition, you can clean or replace it. Consider buying a good one from a reliable auto parts online store. Buying auto parts online is a smart way to save time and money. Also, an air filter is an essential component in your car and should work as intended.

If you drive in a dusty region, checking your car’s air filter becomes even more crucial. There are high chances of the dust accumulating on the air filter and impacting the engine’s efficiency. However, you should always monitor your car’s air filter closely, irrespective of the location.

Check Wheel Alignment

A proper wheel alignment would mean that your car handles as it should and drive in a straight line. If your vehicle pulls to the side, you need to get the wheel alignment checked and corrected.

You can visit an authorized wheel alignment facility, and they will take care of the problem. Also, rotate your tires to check that there is no rusting and the wheel is spinning freely.

Check Side Mirrors

Any problems with the side mirrors can compromise road visibility. Broken or chipped mirrors will need replacement. Moreover, a defective mirror will reflect a distorted image endangering your precious life.

If you can’t adjust the side mirrors, that is another sign of their replacement. Anything that inhibits proper adjustment will affect your visibility while driving.

If you have heated mirrors, an obvious sign that you need to fix your mirrors is when their heating function starts to fail.

Last Words

You can’t expect your vehicle to function smoothly without a regular maintenance schedule. The mechanic visits can be costly; you could maintain and fix smaller issues yourself.

We hope the tips mentioned in this article will help you maintain your car effectively to ensure its long life.

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