2023 Porsche Panamera 3 Remains a Combustion Engine

At Porsche, the electric drive is spreading. But what will become of the most expensive series when the new generation arrives in 2023? A Taycan XL or a super hybrid?

When it comes to drive technologies for the future, Porsche, as a comparatively small manufacturer with a big name and many different markets, cannot be envied: which model has to make which customer groups happy in which region, which buyers in other countries could be cheated with the wrong drive?

 2023 all new Porsche Panamera 3 remains a combustion engine
All new 2023 Porsche Panamera 3

The Macan shows how big this balancing act can be: For the second generation, the switch to the electric drive on the PPE platform developed with Audi has been decided. But recently from Zuffenhausen, the current generation was given an extension of the construction period. Modified again, it should serve combustion customers in parallel. With the next Panamera, Porsche is taking a different path, even as the competition: Mercedes is building the EQS, an electric S-Class, so to speak, on a new e-car platform, BMW is bringing a fully electric top model (i7) instead of the V12 in the new seven. The all-new 2023 Porsche Panamera 3 will not be an XXL Taycan but will remain an internal combustion engine with PHEV variants.

Their electrical range will grow, but probably not to three-digit kilometers. Because even a luxury Porsche has to be particularly good in terms of lateral dynamics, and that’s already difficult with the current Top Panamera (Turbo S E-Hybrid). With an empty weight of 2.4 tons, it has no chance on the Nordschleife against the 130 hp weaker but also 300 kg lighter turbo without a lithium battery. The task for the development of the third generation Panamera PHEV will be: raise the circuit performance to the level of the V8 Bi-Turbo without e-support.

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