2021 Triumph Tiger 1200

Just weeks after the launch of the new Tiger 900, a photographer spots this. Is it a 900 with a shaft? Or a new 1200?


At first glance this looks like the new Tiger 900 with a curiously large rear shock reservoir, but then you notice the shaft drive and different engine cases and plastics.

 2021 Triumph Tiger 1200 spied in action

2021 Triumph Tiger 1200 spied in action

So what is it? We reckon it’s a prototype of Triumph’s new 2021 1200 Tiger. Comparing it with the current 1200, the engine looks more compact, which suggests Triumph have used the same cylinder liner technology they debuted with the 900 – instead of three separate sleeves, they use one big liner which saves space. The engine is canted forward in the same way as the 900 too, presumably to get more weight over the front wheel to improve handling.

Making 134bhp, the current bike isn’t short on power, so it’s likely that Triumph will boost capacity just enough to maintain that figure in the face of more restrictive Euro5 emission regulations. Our bet is 1250, to confuse potential GS buyers.

To make room for a big front wheel and long travel suspension, the 900 has twin radiators either side of the tank. It’s difficult to see, but it looks like the 1200 pulls the same trick, though quite why anyone would be tempted to take the 1200 off road is anyone’s guess. The current model weighs 248kg dry, and it’s unlikely the new model will be a huge amount less.

Besides its bigger engine, the new bike’s point of difference over the brilliantly competent 900 will be shaft drive. This has been completely redesigned, and is much slimmer thanks to the singlesided swingarm being ditched in favour of a conventional design.

Like the 900 there will be model variations, though we can only hope the new Rally (for off-roadish models) and GT (tourers) designations are applied rather than the XCaTX nonsense inflicted on the current 1200. » Expect to see the new Tiger in showrooms next year.


The front-end styling, lights, mudguard and screen are pure 900.


This bike has a 21in front and 18in rear, so we guess it’ll be the Rally version. That’s Rally as in BMF rather than Dakar.


It’s tilted forward and looks more compact than the current model’s. All the cases are different.


Subframe and saddle looks similar to 900. Saddle is, as per the current model, a veritable sofa.


Rest assured, it’s still there. Now completely redesigned and no longer a singlesided swingarm.

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