2020 Porsche Cayenne Coupe

Replenishment in the club – The muse of the coupe-like crossovers got to Porsche – the world is about to see a new interpretation of the Cayenne – and to Audi, who is actively working on the unprecedented Q4. These are serious trumps to win back the gap from the pioneers of the segment – BMW and Mercedes.



2020 Porsche Cayenne Coupe

2020 Porsche Cayenne Coupe

Admittedly, we were amazed at the fact that Porsche decided to diversify the model line with the SUV-coupe version. And that they are ready to present their first interpretation on this topic in Zuffenhausen at the beginning of 2019, most likely at the Geneva Motor Show. Another thing is surprising: why the Cayenne Coupe – most likely, they would call the car – a few years ago did not get to the price list and did not join in the fight in the segment where BMW and Mercedes still dominate. By the way, the Volkswagen concern (and therefore the Porsche) has relied on the last crossover with a sloping roof: suffice it to recall that the Bavarians believed in this formula in 2007, and by the end of 2019 they plan to launch the third generation X6. A little earlier, the second generation of the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe will be introduced. Cross-coupe from Stuttgart, which will debut next summer, will make a milestone in terms of both aesthetics and technology. And it will launch a chain reaction, because at one time this particular car paved the way for the GLC Coupe (already ready for restyling) just like the BMW X6 did with the X4.

Taking into account such intense activity of competitors, the concern from Wolfsburg wants to quickly catch up: therefore, immediately after the presentation of the Audi Q8, engineers from Ingolstadt rushed to work on Q4, the market launch of which is scheduled for the summer of 2019. In any case, this corresponds to the logic of the internal names of the models (its trampled Q2, but re-confirmed Q8) – it provides odd numbers for family SUVs and even numbers for sport versions. However, it is possible that, as a result, the index may break the alphanumeric slenderness of the Ingolstadt range.

The model will split the conveyor line of the Hungarian plant in Györ with Q3 – the MQB platform (MacPherson strut and rear – “multi-link”) inherited from the latter, designed for cars with a transverse engine: the cross-coupe length will be about 4.5 m, and the wheelbase – 2.68 m. The Q3 will also borrow onboard technology.


But back to the Cayenne Coupe. The most important changes compared to the standard model will affect the roof (will become noticeably more sloping) and the shape of the side glazing (recall Porsche 911). The optics are not subjected to a strong revision, it will keep the diode strip across the entire width of the stern, while at the base of the rear window a retractable aerodynamic element will sit down for the sake of increasing downforce at speed. The skeleton of the new car will be a modular MSB platform, providing for a longitudinal engine layout, a double-lever front suspension and a rear multi-link.

The driver’s seat will be distinguished by a mixed instrument cluster: two seven-inch displays will separate the classic analog tachometer from each other. In the center of the panel will be located 12.3-inch screen of a multimedia system connected to the Internet. On the central tunnel, the Black Panel surface with the multitouch function will completely replace the traditional physical keys for climate control and other secondary car parameters.

Part of the equipment will be a four-wheel drive and fully-controlled chassis (improves maneuverability or stability depending on speed), a three-chamber air suspension and active stabilizers. Since this is a crossover, they will also provide for special off-road modes.

Let’s not forget about the brakes of Porsche: the standard system will remain cast-iron discs coated with tungsten carbide, while on request will be offered coal heat. However, the nightmare of any sports crossover is a mass. In this case, among the measures to limit it – a lithium-ion battery, hood and a fifth door made of aluminum.


At the core of the engine range will be the 3.0 V6 turbo (340 hp). It will also include 441-hp biturbo 2.9 V6, and the top option will be the V8 4.0 with double supercharging (549 hp and 770 Nm), providing a maximum speed of 290 km / h and acceleration from zero to 100 km / h for 4 s. And yet the most interesting version will be the E-Hybrid with plug-in technology. The power plant of this version provides a combination of V6 2.9 with an electric motor with a capacity of 136 hp. In total, this hybrid produces 462 hp and 700 Nm. The power supply will provide a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 14.1 kW / h with a liquid cooling system, located under the boot floor. The energy reserve will be enough for the car to pass in the “green” mode about 44 km at a maximum speed of 135 km / h.


Apparently, at the moment, the turbodiesel continues to be out of the game: the German brand put it on “cold” in anticipation of understanding – does it make sense to offer it at least in Europe at that historical moment when heavy fuel engines go out of fashion. The figures are eloquent: in Europe in the II quarter of 2018, sales of diesel modifications fell by 15.5%, while their total share was 36.3 against 45.2% in the same period a year earlier.

And sales of gasoline versions, on the contrary, increased (+ 19.8%, the share was 56.7%, which means a 7% increase), as well as electrified (+ 44.3%, the market share is already down to 7%). In any case, if Porsche decides to give another chance to a diesel engine, it is already ready: the 3.0 V6 TDI with a power of 286 hp. from the Audi Q8.

The length of the Cayenne Coupe will be about 4.9 m, it will be lower than the standard version in height. The model will receive a retractable spoiler at the base of the rear window.


The silhouette of the Cayenne Coupe with a strongly sloping roof will be inspired by the image of the 911th, which will also have a side glazing profile.



Down with the analog speedometer and extra keys: two 12.3-inch screens (in the instrument cluster and for the media system) dominate the panel of the new GLE Coupe (below is our reconstruction of its appearance). The remaining controls will be located under the deflectors and on the central tunnel.


A characteristic element of the Audi Q4 will be an octagonal three-dimensional grille, which contrasts strongly with the body. From a larger Q8 car can inherit tinted vertical rear optics.


Designers SsangYong Actyon, perhaps, did not even suspect how great the potential of the form factor they had invented: in 2005, the South Korean company began producing an SUV, which can rightly be called the first cross-coupe in history. The elegance of the model was not enough, but she had a certain audience, clearly described by the words action and young, embedded in the name. In 2007, BMW transferred this concept to the premium segment, presenting the first edition of the X6, the so-called Sport Activity Coupe – this word combination identified sports crossovers with a sloping roof. Over time, these cars appeared in the model lines of many manufacturers.


2020 Porsche Cayenne Coupe
2020 Porsche Cayenne Coupe

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