2020 Mini Cooper SE F56 deliveries exceed 500

According to Matthias Schmidt, Automotive Analyst and publisher of the European EV Auto Market Intelligence Report, well over 500 all-electric MINI Cooper SEs F56 have been delivered. Unsurprisingly the majority have stayed in the UK, and this figure looks less impressive if you consider that the 140-plus dealers across the UK, will have had to order at least one demonstrator!

Still it’s a good start, and as an aside, MINI have already delivered more F56 Cooper SEs than its hard-working MINI E fleet that were produced during 2009 and 2010 and had a starring role at the 2012 Olympics. Make sure you check out page 24 for a full review on the MINI Cooper SE that Martyn has been enjoying driving.

Mini Cooper SE deliveries exceed 500

Mini Cooper SE F56 deliveries exceed 500

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