2020 Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Worldwide (C190)

Though it’s been expected for some time, the specifics of the GT Black have remained mostly a mystery. With AMG finally confirming much of the nitty gritty, it seems fair to say the GT Black makes some of its Black-badged brothers seem a little tame. On top of that, it’s the final Black Series car to be created by Tobias Moers’ AMG as he moves on from the CEO role to take the reins at Aston Martin.

“This project was a fantastic end to my work at AMG, for which I am truly thankful,” says the man responsible for turning AMG into the literal powerhouse it is. “I am proud of the team who have created a unique super sports car, which now represents the absolute peak of our successful GT family. The performance, looks and driving dynamics of the GT Black Series are second to none.”

Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Worldwide (C190)
Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Worldwide (C190)

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