2020 Ford Mustang EcoBoost High Performance Package

Four-pot pony scores 246kW/474Nm and V8 chassis bits

Ford has turned the wick up on its unloved (locally, at least) Mustang EcoBoost for the 2020 model year with the introduction of the High Performance Package. Born from a Focus RS-engined mule, the boosted four-pot Pony scores more grunt and a host of chassis bits from its eight-cylinder brother.

Four-pot pony scores 246kW/474Nm and V8 chassis bits

Four-pot pony scores and V8 chassis bits

A larger turbocharger helps liberate 246kW/474Nm, increases of 22kW/33Nm over the standard car, but the changes go further as 90 per cent of peak torque is available from 2500- 5300rpm and power continues further towards the 6500rpm redline.

A shorter 3.55:1 final drive further improves acceleration and the electronics are retuned to allow sportier driving. A body kit reduces front-end lift and improves cooling to the larger brakes, lifted from the V8 GT, and thicker anti-roll bars improve cornering. If this sounds appealing, you’d best make your interest known, as Ford Oz had no comment as to whether the model was under consideration locally.

ABOVE High Performance Package gives the undernourished EcoBoost some attitude

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