2020 BMW M2 Competition F87

There’s a pretty compelling argument that the BMW M2 is the true spiritual successor to the E30 M3. Being a relatively compact two-door with aggressively fat arches, and sharing a not-too-dissimilar footprint, they’ve got a lot more in common with each other than the latest four-door bruiser of an M3.


That said, you can’t do over 200mph in an E30, so that’s essentially where the comparison comes to an end. Obviously we’re not talking about a production-spec M2 here. But impressively, thanks to a few choice upgrades from tuning mentalists G-Power, the 2020 BMW M2 Competition can hit a bona fide, verified 205mph. Which is frankly more awesome than our brains can cope with. The tuning eggheads start by monkeying about with the S55 motor’s turbos, stuffing the internals with larger, lighter compressor wheels and capping the blades on the hot side to reduce temperatures and allow for more boost.

New free-flow downpipes and full exhaust system are bolted on, and a bespoke ECU manages the power increases. All of this leads to the same top speed and 0-62mph times as a Ferrari 488 GTB. They also throw in some fresh G-Power coilovers and lightweight wheels too, so it comes out of the box as a complete package. Official pricing is ‘on request’, but expect it to be quite a lot less than a 488…

2020 BMW M2 Competition F87

2020 BMW M2 Competition F87 Smokin’ hot!

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