2020 Apex AP-0

Look at those ’pex Meet the Lotus-bothering Apex AP-0

Penned by a pro

The new electric Apex AP-0 has been sculpted by Brit designer Guy Colborne, and draws on F1 and endurance racing aero. Colborne previously designed the Apex AP-1, an evolution of the Elemental RP1.

On-trend e-power

A 90kWh battery pack is split between the front and rear and provides up to 320 miles of range. Outputs of 650bhp and 427lb ft are claimed, with a 2.3sec 0-62mph sprint and a top speed of 190mph.

The magic number

Although its main focus may be trackdays, Apex claims the AP-0 is capable of Level 3 autonomy (able to drive itself in certain situations). A massive lidar system housed in the roof enables a suite of safety tech.

Race-spec tech

Pushrod suspension with automatic ride-height adjustment sits within a carbon body. Apex promises an augmented-reality display to help trackday novices learn new circuits and ‘gamify’ their experiences.

Look at those ’pex Meet the Lotus-bothering Apex AP-0
Apex AP-0 / The production version of the Apex AP-0 concept could be yours for £150,000 – plus taxes – but you’ll have to wait until late 2022

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