2019 Seat Arona and 2019 Ibiza go digital Cockpit

The SEAT Arona will be the first small crossover offered with a digital instrument cluster, thanks to SEAT introducing its Digital Cockpit technology to Arona and Ibiza models this summer. The 10.25-inch display will come as standard with Xcellence Lux and FR Sport trim levels and has three views to choose between via a dedicated button on the steering wheel.

Classic is the most traditional, with a round speedometer and tachometer, along with customisable information for navigation, media, phone, driving data, driving aids and vehicle status nestled between them.

2019 SEAT get New Digital Cockpit

2019 SEAT get New Digital Cockpit

There’s also a spot in the middle of each gauge for a readout. Digital view prominently displays the map and navigation, with a digital readout for speed below it, while Dynamic View focusses on turn-by-turn directions, driver assistance and vehicle status. Digital dials are already available in the supermini class, with the Volkswagen Polo’s Active Info Display closely related to the Ibiza’s Digital Cockpit. Measuring 1280×480 pixels, the TFT display has a 133 dpi pixel density to keep information crisp and a 75Hz refresh rate for smooth transitions.

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