2019 Mercedes-AMG A35 4MATIC W177

Mild AMG hatch takes aim at S3 – 302bhp four-wheel-drive A35 revealed; 400bhp-plus A45 to follow…


Mercedes-AMG has revealed THE first of two hot versions of the new W177/Z177 A-class. The A35 is aimed directly at the Audi S3 and Volkswagen Golf R and uses a new 302bhp version of the ‘M260’ 2-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine found in the A250.

Delivering its power through a dual-clutch transmission and a four-wheel-drive system, the A35 is able to send up to 50 per cent of the available torque to its rear wheels. A 0-62mph time of 4.7sec is promised, with top speed limited to 155mph.

Driver modes accessible via the AMG steering wheel will enable the fine-tuning of various components, including the steering, three-stage adaptive dampers, throttle response and stability programme. Also contained within these driver modes is a new system that, in Sport and Sport+ modes, uses the ESP to influence the A35’s rate of yaw on turn-in by braking an inside wheel.

Mercedes calls this AMG Dynamics and it should help the A35 feel more agile and adjustable at high speeds – both things we found lacking in the old A45.

Speaking of which, a new A45 will be revealed next year, this time featuring an even more potent, 400bhp-plus power figure and a more aggressive demeanour. The A35 goes on sale later this year. A price has yet to be announced, but expect it to be competitively pitched against the £35,805 Audi S3.

Mild AMG hatch takes aim at S3 - 302bhp four-wheel-drive A35 revealed
Mild AMG hatch takes aim at S3 – 302bhp four-wheel-drive A35 revealed Right: W177 A35 will produce 302bhp and 295lb ft of torque, compared to the Audi S3’s 306bhp and 280lb ft

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